Proposal Submission Procedures

OSU policy requires administration, rather than faculty, to submit funding requests to all outside sources. And while each proposal is unique, the process of routing is not. At least 7-10 working days are needed to route a proposal through university research officials for approval to submit or it becomes a RUSH:

Day 1-2 – PI, Co-PI, Department Heads

Day 3-4 - Co-PIs in other colleges (can take longer)

Day 5 - A&S Associate Dean for Research

Day 6 - OSU Compliance (if necessary)

Day 7-8 - OSU G&C Financial Administration

Day 9 - OSU Vice President for Research

Day 10 – Returns to RSS

Waiting to meet with your Grants and Contracts Specialist a few days before the external deadline causes walkthrough routings.

Walkthrough routings are risky and may not be approved in time to submit.

By following Steps 1 through 5, faculty can be certain that their proposals will comply with university policy and be submitted before the required deadline.

1.   NOTIFY both G&C specialist and your RSS contact when you first learn of the deadline for your project. Email the specific link to the Request for Proposal or solicitation. RSS maintains a master schedule of faculty projects and federal funding cycles (NIH) and recurring opportunities (NSF). Several faculty members plan their proposals six months in advance or more. Be sure to provide your G&C specialist and RSS contact with basic project information:

  • funding agency and announcement number
  • names of other OSU faculty involved (a.k.a. Co-Principal Investigators)
  • other OSU colleges involved
  • external collaborators (if any)
  • potential compliance issues
  • date when proposal is externally due
  • plans to be out of town or submit early

2.    MAKE an appointment with your department’s assigned Grants and Contracts specialist at least 2 weeks before the external deadline.

3.     DETERMINE if there are any compliance issues relevant to your proposal such as IRB or IACUC protocols that need to be filed.  A routing packet will not be generated until you have completed the information. Your G&C specialist will then forward the routing packet to RSS.

A routing packet contains a cover sheet, budget, budget justification, project summary, and subcontracting budget and scope of work (if any).

4.     WORK with your RSS contact to be sure you are working from the same deadline. RSS will read the guidance and provide a checklist of items needed to submit a complete proposal and a deadline that all proposal documents need to be provided to RSS. Your RSS contact is working on multiple proposal projects and needs time to properly package your proposal. Waiting until the external deadline or last minute to submit proposal revisions to RSS may result in the proposal not being submitted at all or being submitted with mistakes.

5.   CONFIRM the final version of your packaged proposal well before the external due date and/or time. RSS cannot submit the proposal without your written or, in some cases, verbal approval.

*Please note that the RSS staff is not responsible for writing or editing proposal narratives.*

**Please be available throughout the final week leading up to the deadline**


Disclaimer---At the discretion of the Associate Dean for Research, faculty who do not adhere to internal routing deadlines run the risk that their proposals will not be routed and/ or submitted by external deadlines.