Guidelines for Completing the OSU Routing Sheet

Guidelines for Completing the Routing Sheet


While each proposal is unique, the routing process to obtain University signatures remains the same. The routing procedures coupled with the pressure of writing a proposal can seem overwhelming at times; however, RSS and your Grants & Contracts Specialist will guide you.  With their assistance and by having your documents in routing between five and seven working days before the submission deadline, your proposal will comply with University policies, meet the sponsor's guidelines, and be submitted before or on the closing date.




  • All proposals, modifications, extensions, subcontracts, contracts, and awards that bind or will potentially bind the University must be routed.  RSS must begin all proposal routings at least five working days before the closing date if the proposal is submitted electronically and at least seven working days if it is submitted in a hardcopy format.


  • Your department's Grants & Contracts Specialist prepares the routing sheet and delivers it with the finalized budget and budget justification to RSS.  The PI delivers to RSS a DRAFT or finalized proposal, scope of work, or abstract.  RSS checks and assembles all required routing documents and any mandatory signature pages and shepards them through the University to obtain all required signatures. 



  • A minimum of five signatures are required on every routing: 1) principal investigator, 2) department head, 3) college dean or associate dean for research, 4) grants and contracts, and 5) an OSU official who can legally bind the University.  RSS is responsible for delivering and picking up the routing sheet from each signer.



Proposal Submission


  • While the routing is in process, the PI completes the proposal and delivers it electronically or in hardcopy format to RSS on the assigned date. RSS checks it and resolves any formatting or technical problems. The PI examines the finalized proposal and informs RSS that it can be submitted. When the fully executed, application-specific, routing sheet arrives in RSS, the proposal is submitted before or on the closing date.



OSU Electronic Routing Sheet 
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OSU Routing Flow Chart